Enable SSH on VMhost with PowerCLI

How to Enable SSH for VMhost with PowerCli

To enable SSH:

Get-VMHost <HostName> | Get-VMHostService | Where Key -EQ "TSM-SSH" | Start-VMhostService

Enable SSH via PowerCli

To disable SSH:

Get-VMHost <HostName> | Get-VMHostService | Where Key -EQ "TSM-SSH" | Stop-VMHostService -Confirm:$False

Disable SSH via PowerCli

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Setting up VMware Tools Shared Product Locker with PowerShell

With the changes to how VMware Tools will be released, we finally decided to setup Product Locker. These changes were released in September 2015 VMware decided that the tools would be no longer depended on vSphere releases or ESXi builds.

Download VMware Tools here

One of our other VMware engineers found a script (link here) that could do this task, but it was seemed like it was wrote for a smaller environment than what we work with.  … Continue reading