PowerShell to Install Windows IIS Features

To XML install or not to XML install

For as long as I know, I have used PowerShell to install Internet Information System (IIS).  The method of which I use PowerShell to install the features have changed, but its still PowerShell.

Originally I was given an XML file that was generated, and I would use that to install the features, but once my scripting skills advanced I learned that there were other ways to do it. … Continue reading

PowerShell to Configure iSCSI and MPIO

At work we have started to make a push to get as many servers off of RDM (Raw Device Mapping) drives in the virtual environment as we can. We use the RDM drives with MSCS (Microsoft Server Cluster Service) with SQL, but we do have a few application failover cluster as well. With this change we have an influx of iSCSI (Internet Small Computer Systems Interface) drive configurations along with  MPIO (Multipath I/O) configured.  … Continue reading

How to verify windows features match with PowerShell.

In the last couple of weeks I had to configure several servers that needed to be the same as in a lower environment.  So instead of just guessing what i installed several months ago, I wrote a script to do it for me.

$OriginalServer = "Server_Name"

#Gets the windows features installed on the original server and stores it as $ComputerA_WindowsFeatures
$ComputerA_WindowsFeatures = (Get-WindowsFeature -ComputerName $OriginalServer | Where {$_.Installed -eq "True"}).Name

#Gets the windows features installed on the system you are currently logon that needs to match the original server and stores it as $ComputerB_WindowsFeatures
$ComputerB_WindowsFeatures = (Get-WindowsFeature | Where {$_.Installed -eq "True"}).Name

#Compares the 2 variables and stores the differences as $difference
$difference = (Compare-Object -ReferenceObject $ComputerA_WindowsFeatures -DifferenceObject $ComputerB_WindowsFeatures).inputobject

#Installed all of the features that are stored in the $difference variable.
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