Get vMotion IPs from all VMHost

I was recently asked to gather the vMotion IPs for all of the hosts in our environment. We have about 80 or so VM Hosts, so this was a job for PowerCli.  Below is the script.

$Report = @()

$Clusters = Get-Cluster | Sort Name

ForEach ($Cluster in $Clusters){
    $VmHosts = $Cluster | Get-VmHost | Where {$_.ConnectionState -eq “Connected”} | Sort Name
        ForEach ($VmHost in $VmHosts){
            $Report += Get-VMHostNetworkAdapter -VMHost $VmHost.Name -VMKernel | Where {$_.VMotionEnabled -eq “True”} | select VmHost,IP
$Report | Export-Csv C:\Scripts\Logs\vMotionIPs.csv -NoTypeInformation -UseCulture
vMotion IPs Gather from the Script
vMotion IPs
vMotion IPs gather with PowerCLI

First there needs to be a place to put all of the information that is going to be collected.  … Continue reading