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This is the first year that I’ve been included in the running for Top vBlog.  It feels good to be on the list with all of the other great virtualization blogs from around then web. This voting is taking place at, which is ran by Eric Siebert.  The polls are currently open and looking for the Top 25 vBlogs of 2016. The list includes over 300+ bloggers this year, and it is a very impressive list. This is your chance to show your support to your favorite bloggers by casting a vote which only takes a few minutes to complete. Make sure to check out the post on vSphere-Land to see the criteria’s you should consider during voting.

Example of Custom Coins for Top vBlog  2015
Example of Custom Coins for Top vBlog 2015

The winners of the voting will receive a custom coin that Eric and his sponsors have designed for this year.  This contest has been put on year after year by by Eric, and he has to spend large amounts of time and effort to make this happen, so make sure to support him and his sponsors by visiting their sites. Happy voting!

Vote Now for Top vBlog 2016


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